Review: Lola Hemp CBD Oil

What is Lola Hemp CBD Oil?

Lola Hemp is a CBD oil brand for pets. Founded by Susan and Joey DiFrancesco, this brand is one of the most popular choices among pet lovers.

A five-year-old Chihuahua mix, Lola, is the reason behind Lola Hemp products. Her anxiety inspired the family to create this product.

Like most dogs, Lola had an extreme fear of thunder. Since CBD oil reduces anxiety in pets, this helped Lola a lot when dealing with her stress.

Right now, the demands of other pet owners had increased for Lola Hemp CBD oil. Since more owners become interested, they need to offer better quality products.



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Key Features of Lola Hemp


  1. Lola Hemp works with natural and whole hemp products. This process results in a light amber CBD oil.
  2. They also have a laboratory testing page available on their website. Review the lab results of their products before choosing the right one for your pet.
  3. According to the website, Lola Hemp products can treat conditions such as:
  • Arthritis and joint diseases
  • Inflammation
  • Other pain symptoms secondary from other diseases like cancer
  • Seizures
  • Loss of appetite
  • Behavioral problems like aggressiveness and phobia
  • Anxiety, depression, and stress
  1. Since Lola Hemp CBD oil is for pets, it will suit your pet’s taste buds. Giving them this product will be easy because they will love every drop.
  2. It is free to sign up for Lola Hemp. They also have beneficial affiliated programs that offer 20% in referral sales.
  3. If you bought four bottles, they donate one bottle for rescue dogs. They focus on animal welfare by affiliating with other rescue groups.
  4. Since Lola Hemp is an organic compound, it does not have any side effects. When compared to pharmaceutical veterinary drugs, CBD oil needs no prescription. It is available in most health stores or their websites.
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Lola Hemp CBD Products and Pricing

Lola Hemp CBD oil products are non-GMO and full-spectrum made from organic hemp. Delivered within 2-6 business days, their products come with a 30-day guarantee.

They also give free shipping when your order products priced over 70 USD. Here are their products:

lolahemp-600-1-768x906If you are looking for value per mg of CBD, this might be the best choice. This bottle is enough for a 40-pound dog, which can last a month when used daily.

lola-300-768x928This is one of the most popular products they have. This bottle is perfect for dogs weighing 15-40 pounds. The price of this product starts at 44.99 USD.

lola-150-2-646x1024This bottle is great for dogs weighing 15 pounds or under.

Lola Hemp CBD Lab Testing


Lola Hemp tests their products for quality and displays the results in public. A testing company in California, named Cannalysislabs, conducts the testing of their products.


One of the tests conducted is Hemp Biomass Testing. It detects if the organic hemp is present with heavy metals, pesticides, and microbes. This process makes sure that the hemp is clean and safe for consumption.


The Full Spectrum Test happens when they test the raw oil. Using the cold solvent process, this makes the extraction much pure and safer. It is an important phase when determining the oil’s physical and chemical properties.

The Pet Tincture and Batch Testing track every batch with a third-party laboratory. This test assures their product’s quality and potency.

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Lola Hemp CBD Pros and Cons


  • Their testing is up to date. Lola Hemp goes beyond the full lab results of their products. This information gives consumers the product profile for every batch they buy.
  • It is full-spectrum oil developed for pets. This makes the product more personalized for our furry friends.
  • They opt for organic farms and only use GMO-free hemp. They are also devoted to saving animals from kill shelters.
  • Lola Hemp is a company that aims for transparency. Showing the lab results on their website displays their commitment to their products.
  • They include veterinarians on the team. They always work with vets when formulating their supplements for dogs. This operation gives the whole team a gist about the outcome of their products.
  • They offer products at a reasonable price. Considering that their oil is full-spectrum, the price is worth it for a lovable pet.


  • As of writing, Lola Hemp has a limited product line. They focus more on oil tinctures. Other lines of products such as raw oil and topical oils are not yet available.
  • Their products are generally safe for pets, but the formulation is only designed for dogs.

Value of Products

Lola Hemp is available in three different strengths. When compared to other CDB oil brands, some bottles are more expensive.

Lola Hemp may not be the cheapest one in the market, but the incentives offered have added value for pet owners. Aside from being organic, their products help other animals, too.

Most of the time, opting for low-priced products can be a cause of concern. You do not want to compromise your pet’s health, so opt for something that you can trust.

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Should You Buy Lola Hemp CBD Oil For Your Pet?

You can give their products a try with confidence. Lola Hemp has been working so long in the industry. With the help of experts such as vets and doctors, it assures that their products are top tier.

These people care for our pets and give back to the community. Their donation program also gives its consumers a chance to help other animals in need.

Final Thoughts

When giving your pet some relief, Lola Hemp could be what they need. This product can help age-related diseases, behavioral problems, and even reduces pain.

It does not only benefit old dogs since young dogs can start early. If given as an everyday supplement, Lola Hemp can make your pet healthier. This oil can also contribute to your pet’s longevity.

Our beloved pets deserve the best. The Lola Hemp CBD oil falls into that category.

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