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Xanax For Dogs Side Effects & Xanax Alternatives

Side Effects of Xanax For Dogs & Alternatives What Is Xanax for Dogs? Xanax, with the generic name of alprazolam, is a type of drug that belongs to the benzodiazepines category. It has been used in treating insomnia, panic attacks, withdrawal symptoms, seizures, and anxiety in humans. However, veterinarians have now adopted this medicine to help pets overcome aggression, seizures, and anxiety as well. [sc na

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Trazadone For Dogs Side Effects & Trazadone Alternatives

Side Effects Of Trazadone For Dogs & Alternatives   What is Trazadone for Dogs? Trazadone is an antidepressant which inhibits the neuronal uptake of serotonin and causes adrenoceptor sub sensitivity. It blocks serotonin reuptake, leading to enhanced serotonin effects. It is deemed safe and is used to for confinement and for the behavioral calmness of dogs. When your dog is experiencing anxiety, Trazadone

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Deramaxx for dogs side effects & Deramaxx Alternatives

side effects of Deramaxx for dogs & alternatives What is Deramaxx for Dogs? Deramaxx (generic name deracoxib), a prescription drug, is a form of a non-narcotic non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used for dogs. It is said to be effective in controlling and reducing pain and inflammation, specifically if it’s associated with canine arthritis and chronic osteoarthritis. [sc name="bn"] Dosage of Der

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Over The Counter Pain Meds For Dogs

Over The Counter Pain Meds For Dogs There is a lot to be considered when discussing pain relief for your canine companion, especially when faced with arthritis and other forms of chronic pain. Vets typically begin by recommending pain medications, many of which are specifically formulated for dogs. Occasionally, they may recommend aspirin or other more familiar painkillers commonly consumed by humans at a specifie

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Meloxicam for Dogs Side Effects Of & Meloxicam Alternatives

Side Effects Of Meloxicam For Dogs & Alternatives Giving pain medications to your pet dog is never an easy task. You have to consider the safety of your canine when administering analgesic and anti-inflammatory medications. Before you do it, ask your vet about the right drug to be given, the correct dose, side-effects, drug interaction, and route of administration. Meloxicam for dogs, more popularly known as M

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Aspirin for Dogs Side Effects of & Aspirin Alternatives

Aspirin Pain killers for Dogs: Makes Use Of, Side Effects, Dosage, as well as Best Alternatives Is your dog injured or suffering from an illness? You're probably looking for a pain reliever. One of the many popular pain killer pills used is aspirin. The thing is- Is it safe for your dog and cat? [sc name="bn"] What is Aspirin For Dogs? Seeing your dogs in pain is the hardest thing. Whether it is from a pos

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Metacam for Dogs Side Effects Of & Metacam Alternatives

Side Effects Of Metacam for Dogs & Alternatives As we love our dogs, drugs for them were invented through research, and the vets can prescribe these drugs. These are easily available when our pets feel body pain and inflammation they encounter in their everyday lives. Pet owners feel relief and convenience. An example of this drug is Metacam. However, such drugs bring many restrictions and can have adverse sid

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Ibuprofen For Dogs Side Effects & Ibuprofen Alternatives

Side Effects Ibuprofen For Dogs & Alternatives Whenever we feel pain in our body, it’s easy for us to get over-the-counter (OTC) medicines to relieve ourselves. Ibuprofen has been our go-to drug to ease our body ache. But that is not the case for our pet dogs. Sure, it is convenient to reach in your medicine cabinet for an OTC med. It’s an instant pain relief for dogs in case of emergencies. And most im

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Rimadyl For Dogs Side Effects & Rimadyl Alternatives

Side Effects Rimadyl For Dogs & Alternatives Rimadyl for dogs is among the medications most recognized by vets. Its active ingredient is carprofen. The said medication belongs to a group of drugs called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). More importantly, compared to steroids which are sometimes used for pain management, Rimadyl is often the better choice for having fewer side effects. [sc n

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Carprofen For Dogs Side Effects & Carprofen Alternatives

Side Effects Carprofen For Dogs & Alternatives When your aging dog is in pain, it’s tempting to reach into your medicine cabinet for over-the-counter drugs. If ibuprofen and aspirin work for you, it can be safe for your dogs too, or so you thought. You believe this is a quick and easy way to ease his pain, and not to mention, cheap. But did you know that this is a common mistake a pet owner often commits?

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