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Dog Hair Loss Home Remedies

Cat & Dog Hair Loss Home Remedies Everything You Need to Know About Hair Loss in Dogs and Cats While shedding in dogs and cats is normal, there are some important signs that you need to know as they may cause an alarm. Pet hair loss can be due to trauma, infection, mites, hormonal imbalance, and allergies. But what are the symptoms that often lead to bald spots and excessive thinning of your dog’s hair? Check

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Hemp Oil For Cats

Hemp Oil For Cats Overview CBD has increasingly become a popular treatment for humans and pets. However, there’s still an ongoing debate in terms of its effectiveness in treating certain health conditions. Also, it’s confusing how to properly address these products – CBD, hemp, marijuana, and THC. For pet owners, it’s important to consider the safety and effectiveness of specific medications before admin

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Hemp Oil For Dogs

If your dog is suffering from chronic pain, inflammatory disorders, or anxiety, you may have heard of hemp oil, which is considered a safe and effective natural alternative to medicinal drugs. But do you know what exactly it is? Can your dog really benefit from it? Overview At present, there are lots of hemp-derived products, available on the market. Most of these are for human consumptions but products specificall

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Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

Like most pet parents, you treat your dogs like regular members of your household, right? It then follows that when they get sick, you want to give them the best possible remedies to relieve them of whatever discomfort they are currently experiencing - fast. If you’ve been taking care of pets for a long time, you probably have heard about the new potent medicine that many dog lovers have been raving about: CBD.

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Is THC Bad For Dogs?

Is THC Harmful for Dogs? You’ve probably heard all the hype about THC and oil-infused THC, and are probably contemplating on using it on your beloved dog. Stop right there! Learn about THC first before proceeding. Fact is, THC can lead to significant side effects when used in pets! However, this isn’t saying you cannot use cannabis safely on your pooch. This post will enlighten you on the substance impact o

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Is CBD oil Legal in all 50 States?

CBD products derived from marijuana are illegal on the federal levle, but are legal under some state laws. CBD Products derived from Hemp (with less than 0.3 percent THC) are legal on the federal level, but are still illegal under some state laws. Make sure you check your state's laws and anywhere you plan to travel for the legality of CBD. Do note that nonprescription CBD products are not FDA-approved and may contai

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